CERTI Foundation (Florianópolis, Brazil)

The CERTI Foundation (CEntros de Referência em Tecnologias Inovadoras – in English, Reference Centers for Innovative Technologies) is a private, not-for-profit institution with headquarters at the campus of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) in Florianópolis (Southern Brazil), and branches in Brasilia (the nation´s capital) and Manaus (in the Amazon region).

The Foundation was created in 1984 and is governed by a Superintendency, a Board of Curators and a Fiscal Board. In addition to UFSC, its founding members included 16 private and public companies, as well as federal and state government agencies.


As an institution dedicated to Science, Technology and Innovation, CERTI was created with the mission of supporting companies in the development and modernization of their products and processes, through the application of computing technology. Since then, the Foundation has expanded its fields of operation far beyond industrial computing, and is presently structured around eight Reference Centers for Innovative Technologies, acting in areas as diverse as metrology and instrumentation, mecha-opto-electronics, digital television, digital convergence, interactive educational platforms, advanced manufacturing, preclinical pharmacology, and innovation management. In the process, CERTI has achieved recognition as an innovative and well-experienced institution in product and service development for global players and SMEs, having won in 2009 the national FINEP Innovation Prize, in the Science and Technology Institution category.
CERTI´s customers include important Brazilian companies such as Petrobras, Embraer, Positivo, and Natura, and multinational corporations, such as Philips (Brazil, Singapore, The Netherlands and India), ST Microelectronics (France), TPV (China and Brazil), Hylabs (China), Pace (United Kingdon and USA), Siemens (USA), to name a few. It has also taken part in European Commission projects such as Instinct (FP6) with Brunel University (U.K.) and 23 other partners. CERTI also has ample experience working with SMEs, having created Brazil´s first incubator for technological start-ups (CELTA) that, to this date, has provided support for the inception of 43 SMEs and is presently home to an additional 40 new enterprises. A second incubator is being built as part of a larger technology park, named Sapiens Park, with an area of 4.5 million square meters, a new endeavour which is meant to integrate technological innovation with sustainability, tourism and regional development.
CERTI also has contracts with the three levels of Government. In the federal level it offers consulting services for international cooperation for industry development in Latin America and Africa, providing sector analysis, industrial plant planning, factory projects and implementation support. To state governments and municipalities it provides consulting services for planning and creation of start-up incubators, innovation clusters and technology parks.
In this project, CERTI will be responsible for designing, developing and testing a functional prototype of a device for PoC diagnosis of a tropical disease, using the integrated heterogeneous microsystems developed by other consortium partners.
The Foundation has ample experience in areas that are relevant to this task, including instrumentation, signal acquisition and prototype development. Examples of projects carried out in these areas are a sensor network for environmental monitoring, the instrumentation for a dental chair, the voting machine used in Brazilian elections, and a set-top-box for the Brazilian digital television standard.