State University of Campinas, Center for Semiconductor Components - CCS (Campinas, Brazil)

Technology development
The Center for Semiconductor Components (CCS) of the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) exists since 1974 (till 1993 under the name Electronic and Devices Laboratory). CCS is a multidisciplinary center focused on research on micro and nanoelectronics.

The main objectives of the Center are: to provide multidisciplinary undergraduate and graduate level education, extension courses, as well as practical training opportunities in microfabrication techniques, advanced materials processing techniques and microelectronics; to develop research on microfabrication techniques, with emphasis on Si based semiconductor; to offer microfabrication process services to other UNICAMP research groups as well as to external groups; to bring university and industry expertise and interests together to conduct basic and applied research on microelectronics.
CCS has a clean room with area of 700 m2 , classes 100-10000, Main tools available for fabrication and characterization of new nanostructured materials and nanodevices:


  1. Photolithography (~0.5 um resolution);
  2. Electron beam lithography;
  3. Ion implanter, ion energy up to 200 keV;
  4. Thin and ultra-thin films deposition: e-beam sputtering for metallic and semiconducting) films, ~1 nm precision; RF plasma sputtering for metallic and dielectric films; ECR PE CVD for dielectric films; LP CVD; DC magnetron sputtering for metal and dielectric films deposition;
  5. Plasma reactors for etching: RIE-reactive ion etching, ICP, ECR, barril (ashing);
  6. Furnaces for thermal processing (oxidation, diffusion), rapid thermal processing and oxidation (RTP/RTO), thermal CVD;
  7. Dual Beam FIB/SEM (Focused ion beam/scanning electron microscope) for nanomanufacturing (milling/cutting, metal and dielectric films deposition with nanoscale resolution);
  8. Thin films characterization: FTIR, ellipsometer, Dektak profilemeter, Raman-AFM-SNOM (integrated);
  9. Electrical characterization of thin films and devices (HP and Keithley stations).

CCS has collaboration with leading research labs in Brazil (IFGW, FEEC, IQ, FEM – UNICAMP, USP, UFSCar, UFRGS, PUCRio, LNLS, UFC, UFMG, others) and abroad (Pittsburg and Harvard Univ. USA; EMPA – Switzerland; HUT - Finland) and currently develops a number of projects funded by FAPESP, CNPq, FINEP.