Fraunhofer ENAS (Germany)

Coordinator PodiTrodi-EU
Microfluidics, System Integration
Fraunhofer ENAS is one of the 60 Fraunhofer Institutes in Germany all dedicated to applied research. The institute mainly focuses on the research and development in the section of smart systems integration by using micro and nano technologies.

Based on prospective industrial needs, Fraunhofer ENAS provides services in:

  • Development, design and test of MEMS and NEMS (micro and nano electro mechanical systems);
  • Wafer level packaging of MEMS and NEMS;
  • Metallization und interconnection systems for micro and nano electronics as well as 3D integration;
  • New sensor and system concepts with innovative material systems;
  • Integration of printed functionalities into systems;
  • Reliability and security of micro and nano systems.

The Department Multi Device Integration is focused on the integration of MEMS and NEMS into functional modules and the development of MEMS and NEMS using silicon based and non-silicon materials (nanocomposites, ceramics and polymers).
In terms of Smart Systems Integration, the department combines primarily the activities in the areas of:

  • MEMS/NEMS design;
  • Electronics design;
  • Microoptics;
  • Fluidic integration;
  • Nanocomposites;
  • RF-MEMS;
  • Inertial measurement;
  • Measurement, test and characterization;
  • System integration.

The aim of the research is to develop and apply integration technologies taking into account of different materials and components to provide products which are able to fulfil the users’ needs under different conditions by means of smart systems integration.

The aim of the group “Fluidic Integration and System Technologies” is the integration of additional functionality into such microfluidic systems, which leads to smart, autonomous devices, reduces fluidic interfaces and requires less complex control and readout instrumentation. The competencies of Fraunhofer ENAS in this field include

  • Microfluidic modelling and system design;
  • Fabrication of microfluidic devices in multiple materials such as polymers, glass and silicon;
  • Integration of functionalities such as pumping, valving, temperature control and sensors into microfluidic systems;
  • Microfluidic and thermal characterization.

During the last years a main focus was on fully integrated cartridges for In-Vitro-Diagnostics, using an integratable low-cost, single-use pumping technology. Fraunhofer ENAS has developed disposable, microfluidic cartridges which incorporate both, liquid reagents and integrated micropumps for various applications. ENAS holds about 10 patents and patent applications in this field.

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