Häcker Automation GmbH (Germany)

Assembly and Fabrication Technologies
Haecker Automation GmbH provides innovative process solutions for microsystems technology. The company’s core areas of competence are 3-D Micro Assembly as well as Nano + Micro Dispensing.

Operating since 1995 the german based company focuses on highly innovative market segments like 3-D MID, Micro Optics/Sensors, MEMS and Medical Technology.


In order to achieve best possible results, the service portfolio provided by Haecker Automation covers all aspects of the product life cycle and therefore range from technology consulting, simultaneous engineering and process development through prototyping and advanced testing to machine and device manufacturing as well as training and maintenance. For system manufacturing Haecker Automation uses a modular concept providing both – flexibility and precision. The innovative approach is based on a standard machine which can be equipped with extension devices in order to meet the requirements of the target process. The standard machine mainly consists of a highly-precise 3-axis portal system for advanced positioning accuracy and a unique stereoscopic camera system for real 3-D optical recognition. The capabilities of this standard machine can be enhanced by equipping it with various extension devices, each of them providing a special functionality. There’s a pool of currently 67 extension devices, which cover a wide range of applications used in micro assembling processes.
Because of a standardized interface these extension devices can easily and fast installed, parameterized and controlled as well as removed.